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Sing Sing Sing

Cindy Tonkin - November 21, 2023

My ongoing play with envelopes.

It uses old merit certificates from my high school days, old expense envelopes from 1995, Nana Gilligan’s music and of course my favourite posca pens.

I added an “ornament” from my book of ornaments, originally cricut cut, but eventually copied by hand. Then a gold ball added to just make it look pretty.

The words are about singing (obviously). They come from 2 places:

Here is the Serena Ryder song and the lyrics are here.

And Janie Meeley’s song, the chorus of which I quote:

We just come to this beach to sing
And when we sing, we sing the blue ocean
We sing the whitecaps, we sing the waves
We sing the wind, we sing the stories
We sing the breaking of the day

Janie Meneely – The Siren’s Song

Full images below.

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