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Tony House 4

Cindy Tonkin - January 27, 2024

I have changed the title of this post to Tony House because it is a spello which

  • a: recurs, and
  • b: kind of pleases me.

I’m “toiling” intermittently on the Tony House pattern because

  • a: sitting on the PC is not why I do art
  • b: detailed work, even on the PC or tablet, is hard for me
  • c: it will wait!

But I’ve been having more ideas about it. I am wondering if i can move the purpose of the work from the making of the house (simple, if time-consuming to make a pattern) to the inside part (i love looking through – I spent much time at the Thorne Miniature Rooms in the Institute of Art in Chicago staring through the windows of each room, to see how they’d done the yards, outbuildings and gardens or unseen rooms). Through-ness does recur a fair bit in my work – it’s a feature of many of my altered books for example.

If Throughness is the thing then I may end up making the windows much larger (i do love the little 2 x 2 panes, so maybe I’ll stick with them for a while).

Of course if I get the pattern right eventually (or good enough soon), then I can make different versions any time I have the 10 minutes to run the cricut.

The newest Tony house has pages from the Book of Art encyclopedia (I’ve used the coloured images from the encyclopedia here). They are a pleasing grey colour and higher than 100gsm (as i discovered when i ran them through the cutter). and as you can see in the video below, they have names of artists and museums written on them.

The cricut software is a bit of a challenge, it doesn’t give me quite enough control to do what I want (thought: maybe I could use another software program which gives me more control, and then import as an image? dummy, of course I can!). My current fiddle is to get the roof and house to join properly – i go through it in the video a little).

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