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Second beats

Cindy Tonkin - June 22, 2016

5 kinds of second beats
1. Character dash (la ronde)
same character in different place. Show more of their world.
The Chicago rule: one or none.  This means only one character from first beat shows up in 2nd beat (one or none)
2. Time dash
Later or sooner in time.
A character dash is always a  time dash. But you can have a time dash in a place without the characters (eg 1a is in a Starbucks, 2a is construction workers demolishing that Starbucks)
3. Mapping
Same set of circumstances applied to different set of people (like a loose replay). Could map staging, dialogue, gestures…
4. Tangent
Something in the first beat tickled or inspired so we took that. (1b was someone opening a door with a flourish way 2b was someone opening a box with the same flourish
5. Reflection (echo)
The feeling or mood of the scene continued: 1c was nostalgic sad reflective 2c is nostalgic sad reflective

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