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Cindy Tonkin - March 25, 2020

I’m experimenting with forms and the cricut maker, trying to find things that will easily work with A4 sized pages – i have a heap of old sheet music I’d like to use, and it’s kinda A4 sized, so once i have a template it will be simpler to play with  This is an Art of the Fold form called panorama, which i have made before.

I dug into my old Golden Book collection, and added some lovely Richard Scarry illustrations to populate – since everything is a maquette, I can just do that. I think there’s a better tunnel or carousel in that golden book itself – and maybe I’ll make one of them soon.

Richard Scarry was a favourite of my little brother when he was hospitalised with a broken leg at age 5 for several weeks. I remember reading them to him.  the illustrations are delightful.

I have photographed the entire inside of the book (just in case I want the illustrations again), and you’ll find them below.

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