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Cindy Tonkin - January 14, 2019

This is a piece made as a maquette in case I want to use it for the Book Art Object edition 5.

The form is from the Art of the Fold, Hedi Kyle calls it a panorama book.

I started with the idea of putting an actual panorama on it (a section of the picture on each panel), and in the end the encaustic looked so fabulous I just went with it alone. I made another one much smaller, here, which may be appropriate for book art object too (or for a tiny book art object portfolio?).

The paper is encaustic paper from a few years ago, this is one of my favourite pages of it because the sepia and the aquamarine work so beautifully with the ivory colour of the encaustic. I think of delft and willow pattern plates. The paper has carved into the words from the bellbirds. Book Art Object has other poems about birds (more on that when i find the details).

This one is the size specified in the book, 20 cm tall, each panel around 9cm.

I made a slipcover for it from the pages of Around the World. I’m in full slipcover mania at the moment, making slipcovers for everything from the art of the fold pattern. I think i’ve already mentioned that I found an error in the slipcover pattern in art of the fold, and now I’m at the stage where, having made more than a dozen of them, I am just more or less making them up, not using her pattern at all. The pages from the book fold really nicely, so the corners are square, and that makes a difference. A 20cm piece feels like a small wallet and is very nice to hold. This slipcover was the exact size of the book, and so i didn’t think it needed a second cover / lid. the encaustic makes it grip a little inside anyway.

See the final work submitted here.

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