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Diagonal pocket

Cindy Tonkin - January 14, 2019

This one is the art of the fold’s diagonal pocket.

I like it because it has a pocket (who doesn’t love a pocket) and a place to put some pages.

In this version I have sewn in just 5 pages of kraft paper (what I had on hand), inserted a card Nicola gave me with all of her test stamps on it, and then enclosed another book in the pocket.

the book in the pocket is a franklin fold, but i experimented with making it just out of a random sized piece of paper, which worked. except when I straightened the edges I carved off one of the edges which holds it together (as you’ll see in the video!).

It may be nice for book art object because it can be a contemplation on the theme, rather than a one off object (maybe I put this in one of the pockets?).

made from the pages of Around the World, which fold so nicely.

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