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Cindy Tonkin - March 25, 2020

This is a scrap of an idea which i played with for Book art object 5.

The poems mentioned that the birds had no wish to interfere in human affairs, and it reminded me of an old B&W French movie i saw where a village was torn apart by rumours and blackmail and bad advice.

So I thought of the advice people give under the guise of not interfering.

There are a few in the video. my intention was to put all of the envelopes as flags into a concertina.

I didn’t do that, but i may. I was using the “draw” function on my cricut maker but then decided it was smarter to actual print on my printer to do that stuff.

Today it occurred to me that the envelopes hold a normal postcard sized card, and i have a heap of those, so i may resurrect this idea now I understand the cutter better. 

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