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SA Art Gallery Feb 23

Cindy Tonkin - February 21, 2023

I had a good day today.

Did a corporate facilitation gig in the morning (which kinda more quelled than excited my creativity, which was sad but not lethal).

I had left my mobile at the airport yesterday and spent 24 hours without it (which was harder than I expected it would be, but again not as lethal as it could have been). so after retrieving it at Adelaide airport (and recharging) I toddled off for a visit to the art gallery (and the state library).

the photos tell the story, and here are some highlights for me: first of all, and silly, I know, were the chairs I photographed!

In the foyer of the gallery were some exquisite marble pieces – cubes and plinths engraved with references to Ulysses/Odysseus, and with quotes from or about asylum seekers and boat people.

the gallery splits on the ground floor: to the left are Australian artists, and to the right are international artists – but the nature of the building is that you pretty much end up with the 2 meshed. There were way more women artists displayed than I have seen in a long time, and without it being a special “women artists” section. There was even one (Clarice Beckett) where they showed her painting and a similar one from the same place done by a male Australian artist (and frankly, I couldn’t have said either was better).

So some strong feminist statements.

They had acquired 3 new Fred Williams (they didn’t photograph well).

There was a minor section on artists’ books, which even included a Niki St Phalle concertina.

a chaise longue which I loved and loved even more when I saw it was some Bowral-based people (including Liz Williamson, the textile artist) who made it)

Yayoi Kusama’s pumpkin one which I saw with Cathie in Brisbane pre-pandemic.

Lovely afternoon.

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