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Cindy Tonkin - May 23, 2022

having finished the cello clock (i realised today there’s an o’clock pun in there), I cleared up my studio, which has mostly been host to building debris while I’ve been renovating and painting the actual house since December. Now I’m back to collage (because it doesn’t require me to think, I get pretty much instant results for little investment, and I get the sugar hit).

I have a heap of other things I want to finish, these scrolls, unearthed in clearing my studio desk, and the second Epibox for example.

But last night I instead started this collage series – 2 x “copies” of the original Renoir Dance in the Country (pictured below), and then some abstracts from the offcuts. I really never get tired of the paisley A4 card (which were business card templates I bought in Officeworks some time late last century) against the black photocopy paper (a gift from a friend who didn’t use it).

Here they are. More to come, because of the simplicity and portability of this series.

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