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3m Scroll

Cindy Tonkin - August 18, 2021

This is a 3 metre long scroll. I collaged it from all kinds of offcuts. it’s about 9.5cm tall and 3 metres long. I stuck them together based purely on hue, and was pleased to find that the back of the piece was very pleasing (watch the first video to see the back).

pieces involved include:

  • a japanese scroll (cut into pieces)
  • a tiny promotional booklet of Lowry’s work
  • some bits left over from a Spanish religious works I saw in Chicago in 2016
  • things I pulled out of the National Gallery newsletter – famous works whose names and provenance I don’t know
  • National Geographic images of all kinds 
  • An old photo i took in the 80’s of the Sydney sky line

There are 2 videos here, the first one shows back and front, pre-customising.
The second video shows just the front, but after I’ve coloured in and connected the different sections. 

Watched Dickinson, a modern take on the Emily Dickinson story while customising this scroll, so the frank conversations, the taking of laudanum at a teenage party and the excitement over the workings of a volcano are all mixed in here! 

Not sure exactly how it will end up – because the paper is of different consistencies (from 50 year old national geographics to 300gsm brochures). Haven’t yet made any scrolls designed to be seen all the way along, but I know there are plenty of options. May have to get out my 100 books book. 

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