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Open press 2021 begins

Cindy Tonkin - January 3, 2021

A few months ago i finally received my tiny open press. I planned to bring it to Bowral where I spend the first week in january pretty much every year (i think this is year 17 or so). Because of covid nicola’s classes were cancelled, so we were both creating in the house. this year’s house had only one small table, so that made things harder.

But i really had no idea what subjects I might do. Here are the images I drew or collaged (in black and white so i could see the forms i was making). Since i was part way through the needlework carousel book from Pearl Beach, and then I’d been writing a musical with Pete at Hawk’s Nest my head had been in photographic images and music.

Here are some collages and some doodles I made in quest of inspiration.

I do have in my mind the image i think from a tiny zine cathie bought where there’s a tiny person on each page – i had pictured making a series of the same image and then drawing into them on each page, and may still get to it.

But these are the “unsatisfactory” ones from day 1.

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