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Moon and Star

Cindy Tonkin - June 25, 2017

This is a bit of fun.

Sometimes I want something to go quickly, and I don’t want to be constrained by it being good. This was created while watching a “new” French tv series I found on netflix (Dix pour cent / Call my Agent).

It’s made from the chocolate brown card offcuts from the first tunnel book I ever made, and leftover bits from the shopping bag I kept from my 2008 trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

And then the letters are “fake leather” letters from Daiso (they seemed more than they actually were: vinyl with letters printed on them and a sticker on the back). They look pretty though.

Part of why I even made the book was that Avril Makula had handed me the box on Saturday last week, and the card was the right size to fit inside!

So here it is. A book-equivalent of colouring in. No meaning, but lots of history and a heap of fun. It smells of PVA at the moment (apparently that’s a quality of  my artist books, I didn’t realise it!).

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