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Cindy Tonkin - February 15, 2024

My improvising friend Sophie was after a way to use her illustrations and micro-fiction in an artist way. I showed her zines. So i pulled out of the endless loop that is perfecting the darn pattern for the tiny / tony houses, and started making zines.

I took the World Book Encyclopedia for the letter B which has been sitting awaiting alteration, and I made some things.

The beauty of it is that the illustrations and information is all there, all I need do is fold up some zines to put it in.

I ended up with two sizes of zines. I used the innards of Relation, which I altered a few months ago. I had detached pages as singles and as double pages, which gave me two sizes of zines. I prefer the larger format because I can get more on a single page. And because the pages are almost square (and I love a square). But the smaller ones are also more or less playing card-sized, which is pleasing to hold.

I’ll film the lot of them when I get a pause time with good light, but for now, here’s just one. It’s different to most of the ezines, in that I covered the whole page, and i didn’t use a page from Relation – there were so many too-big images of balloons, and the ballerinas just went in with it. I glued them all on a piece of advertising from a Bunnings magazine. I have since folded this like a zine and you’ll see it in one of the videos soon.

One of the features of this series is the juxtaposition of different things (here, balloon and ballet, later baseball and bats of the fleshy kind). Obviously I continued some of the images past the boundaries of what was in the encyclopedia (as I do) to create a “single” image.

So far this is fun, and fun is what it’s about!

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