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Carousels in different forms

Cindy Tonkin - June 25, 2017

When I was preparing my carousel workshop I made a series of models from which to teach.

I’ve pulled most of them together into books now. You’ll find them here.

I also experimented with the form: I’ve created a 4 bay and 2 bay form that kind of works. not quite as pleasing as the round carousel format, but cool in themselves.

Here’s a 2 bay carousel (with my video commentary).

These are both from 3 photos each: 3 photos of the shop museum in Newcastle – so all of the same place, and then 3 photos from 3 different places: a sign from a Chicago furniture warehouse, a photo of letterpress letters in the postal museum in Paris, and a photo of the signage at the theatre in the Centre Pompidou (also in Paris).

Here’s a 5-bay carousel (which forms the traditional star/circle shape).

All of the photographs are of Paris or Lyon.

I’ve taken the front windows from wherever I find them (one is from a chateau in the Loire) in order to maintain the 3d illusion, but the pictures of the ceiling of La Fourviere in Lyon is 3 separate images of the same ceiling. I’ve assisted most of the images with watercolour pencils. The photograph of the Louvre is the same photograph used 3 times at different magnifications.

I’m not really that happen with the resolution of the photos, but since the purpose of these carousel bays was to show some of the options for using photographs I’ve let go of that perfection need!

And this is 4 bays with pictures of San Francisco.

2 of the bays were the same photograph re-organised (again, as a teaching tool and because I love to experiment to understand what works). All of the photos were taken in November 2016 when I was visiting San Fran for a confererence

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