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Light in my heart

Cindy Tonkin - May 10, 2021

this piece has a longish story which i outline in the video.
essentially i made some houses. it bred more houses. then i decorated them, and searched for a quote, which it seems is from a woman called Lennon Hodson.
I left the light on in my heart in case you ever wanted to come back home.
the original houses were on Leonarda da Vinci playing cards. the colours were cut by cricut from Cathie’s printers’ samples, and from the cover of a book I loved ONLY for its colours, Living as One and loving it. Ironically I bought it when i was living with my ex-husband!
it was only ever the colours that appealed, and so cutting it up has been a great decision!
This is a collaboration with Nicola, and, technically, an altered book.
It’s got about 18 pages or so.
Bound with a glueless / stitchless binding, which i have used before here.

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