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New binding to try

Cindy Tonkin - January 9, 2018

You will notice that I don’t put up many photos of stitched books on this blog.

I don’t like stitching for two reasons:

  1. I am not patient and careful as a rule
  2. Therefore the stitching looks amateur

For this reason I have experimented with Book art object forms, and it has extended my practice quite considerably (when god closes a door he opens a window, right Maria?).

My classmate Raelene showed me this new binding at Sturt this week, and I will be trying it because it gives the look of stitching and requires none of it.

The pages are connected with a strip instead of thread. The strip is held in place with a piece of paper in the centre of each signature. Which gives it a double concertina feel. This is the maquette she made from her cartridge paper print samples. Looks great!

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