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Make graceful and lasting change


Cindy Tonkin - May 15, 2021

The quote is from t.s. eliot’s Little Gidding.
I started this book when I was making a book for Steve’s vows. I in the end went with an A5 book, so this little A6 is one was just a shell.
I cut up one of Bronwen’s calendars that I had leftover, and then attached it to the concertina spine. I knew that attaching two sides of the spine would be wrong, but I wanted to see how it would be wrong. Now I know. it’s OK. 

I’ve had a bit of a break from making since Easter, because the covid restrictions on singing eased for a few weeks. I came back to this one after I’d finished Light in my heart, so I was all happy about the colours and the cutter. I had extra words, and had just googled quotes about home. 

The only weird thing is that the first words in the book are “The end” which confuses readers it would seem!

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