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Keys begins

Cindy Tonkin - July 21, 2021

Yesterday I found a lamp stand in the street. I took it as a sign to finally begin my chandelier using the old keys my dad left in his desk when he died.

I made a wire frame from hangers (you’ll see photos below) and attached 3 keys.

Then I got distracted conceptualising: sorting and organising the keys, counting them.

Here’s where I got to before I went to bed.

Then I spent an hour or so on youtube looking at other people’s chandeliers – there are some doozies!

The issue I anticipate with this one is the weight – I’m on a hunt around the house for something round that can hold the weight of so many keys – it’s a few kilos.

I did find decorated keys as I was looking, which are very lovely, and I took a rabbit hole to junk journals: the joy of lock down 2.0. The video below shows how to decorate vintage keys for junk journals. 

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