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Jacaranda Newtown

Cindy Tonkin - November 24, 2014

This work was donated to Australia Street Infants School in 2014 as part of an art auction.

My apologies for the quality of this photo – I’m unable to find a copy of the completed work in my photo archives! If you buy it perhaps you can take a good one and send it to me!
One of the marvellous things about living in Newtown is the period where the Jacarandas bloom on every corner. This is my naif impression of that in a kind of aerial view version.
It was created as part of a series of Newtown Maps I did for an exhibition at Buzzz Bar in Newtown in 2013.
Painting a Jacaranda is a very hard thing to do. Even photographs don’t do them justice. There’s a film: What Dreams May Come where Robyn Williams goes to heaven, and it’s a painting his wife (who survives him on earth) is painting. She has the same struggle. But the film does do justice to the beauty of Jacarandas (so watch it!).
South Newtown where I live is also filled with trees. Very few people would believe how much our back yards are filled with growing living trees and birds and wildlife. So that’s what this piece is about!

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