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Ferry Ropes

Cindy Tonkin - November 24, 2014

This piece was donated to Australia Street Infants School for an art auction in 2014.
I am unable to find a photograph of the work, but it has lived in my bedroom with me for several years, so I know it well.
Perhaps if you buy the piece you can send me a good photo of it!

The piece began, as many of my abstract pieces do, with a photograph. In this case a ferry and porthole on the Manly Ferry.
I then extended the colours and incorporated some serendipity from other works (this work was once a painting of a beach scene for my exhibition “Coastal”.
My nana lives in North Curl Curl and when I first came to Sydney for University in the 1980s I would take the bus and then the ferry back to Manly (and then another bus) to get home.

That lasted only a little while before it was just too much and I moved to Glebe, thus beginning my long residency in the Inner West of Sydney!

The ferry had magical connotations for me as a child, because of fondly remembered holidays where my family would come to Sydney and we’d stay with my Nana or my aunts. There was always a reason to go to the city via Ferry.

So this piece is nostalgic and calm. I love the pale greens and blues. Eventually I’ll find a photo of it!

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