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Houses of cards

Cindy Tonkin - September 11, 2020

Nicola gave me an old pack of cards with a Leonardo de Vinci theme. They are not good to play with, but i have submitted them to the cutter, and they look fine. Each house is smaller than a playing card 

I’ve been working on houses for a while, and these are more from the Seth series. I glued the layers down and put them on some old game boards and book covers. I think I’ll call this The One Best Way, after the book cover. Each house on this one is slightly less than an a5 page.

Thirdly this single house is just so lovely. it’s from the Seth series too. Again around A5 size. I found an old Cluedo board. I had tried previously to make something of it, but the colours are just too bizarre, so I couldn’t make it work without losing cluedo-like nature of the board. Now it’s glued together, with a ribbon added, and it’s the back board for this piece. 

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