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The boss of you

Cindy Tonkin - September 5, 2020

This dear little thing is about 5 cm high.

it’s the negative space from Houses of cards.

I particularly like the blues and reds in this piece, which comes from an old Seth Godin business book printed on lovely mat paper.

I am leaving the back cover as the concertina because it makes me think of a back fence. I’m not sure how i’ll store it (i try to think of storage because i mostly store my works, aside from the Sydney Book Art Group (BAG) very few people see my works!

The cricut maker is worth its weight, I really love how I can make things and then other things from the offcuts. I sometimes wonder if i should move on from houses, but then I am once again enchanted by the form.

So this is a single flag book around 5cm high, an altered book.

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