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Seth and One

Cindy Tonkin - August 24, 2020

Disposing of a few books from my bookshelf, mostly old business books. one seth godin one (it’s your turn, it’s called) has great matt paper and colour all the way through, and another, called One which i believe may have been self published. I bought it originally because of the quality of the images in the book, and the lovely matt paper. now, probably 20 years later, i’m pulling it apart for the same reason. 

I looked at forms in the art of the fold and found one which i’d not done before (see the video to find out which one). the form was fun, but not what i wanted to do: i returned to my age old houses form and created a series of pages as maquettes, which you see here. the plan is to put them in a book – creating a form from the pages of an altered book.  these pages are hand cut, and i’ll make them into actual cricut pieces soon.

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