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Harold 2

Cindy Tonkin - June 22, 2016

“Don’t worry audience, none of this will make sense”. And then suddenly in the 3rd beat it all does make sense.
The harold is a net to catch us. If we fail the form catches us.  It’s not a prison. It’s a net.
We bring a wonderful idea to our partner. We worry that it’s not enough so we bring too much. And we both bring too much.
So it goes nowhere because it’s concept heavy or its 2 ideas repelling each other
Bring a point of view. It’s easier to improvise dialogue.
Harold’s job is to prove or disprove the thesis of the opening ( the world’s is a beautiful place).
Opening is a nugget (not 10 nuggets
If you bring a premise once it’s solved the scene will end.
Sitcom means situational comedy. We’re schooled by sitcom to find a premise.
Premise is a cathedral. Just bring a brick not a cathedral.

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