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Frieze Number 8 Feb 2023

Cindy Tonkin - February 4, 2023

Frieze 8 was the last one I made in the week of Sturt in January, so I think this is the first I’ve posted of it.

I really liked the simplicity and zen feel of it, i think because of the brown paper (just craft paper from big w, not even from an art store).

On Friday I added a second black line which seemed to ground it a bit. I also removed a big round tureen I had in the last panel – it was just too big, and wrong to finish it. I replaced it with cricut cut bottles. This is the first piece that I’ve used cricut cut pieces on.

Adding the lower black line was mostly easy (in some places you’ll see that I’ve in fact put the line over a circle or a bottle), but where it began to get difficult at the end (to put the line between all of the bottles) i opted out, and i think that’s ok. As my brother says, if the symmetry police come around we’ll be in trouble, but otherwise it doesn’t matter. Since I think of each piece as a maquette for the next one, i can fix that if every anyone commissions one.

The base for this is a set of electoral boundary maps. there are plenty more for the moment!

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