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Forever: a Snake Book

Cindy Tonkin - February 11, 2018

Similar to the Blue Book, I printed most of the artwork on this book at Sturt in January 2018.

It’s called Forever because that’s the word on the front of the snake book (or Love if you have it upside down).

It didn’t feel finished, so I have spent quite a few hours in the past two weeks adding collaged elements in (mostly words: i found a tiny baggy filled with words I’d chopped out of magazine, probably 10 years ago).

I also went in with gold pen and added some hashing.

I think i’m happy with it now.

Today I made a folio to contain it. It was a bit of a struggle to get the dimensions right, but in the end it sits squarely (even though my care around cutting and folding squarely is not my strength i.e. i am very much a “near enough is good enough” cutter and folder – it’s art after all,  not surgery, and I’m never going to be famous, and if I am what a burden it would be to carry to try and be precise when it’s not really in my nature at all!).

So, Process.

This was an artwork done with ink and then watercolour on decent watercolour paper. Then I

  • collaged in some Parisian paraphernalia from a tourist map
  • printed some monoprints at Sturt in both sepia and black
  • cut it into a snake
  • put it through the printer again (because the edges were white!)
  • added collage words
  • added gold pen, black pen and some lead pencil

And this is where it ended up

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