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Blue book

Cindy Tonkin - January 9, 2018

How this was made:

Glen Skien (the teacher for this program) created a really cool little book which was collaged stamps and then an almost random matrix which printed over some of / most of the stamp. The collage was pretty much rolled into the paper. The stamps were partly obscured.

I didn’t bring stamps (and besides I’ve used most of mine for example here, here and here).

But I did have a map of Paris with all of the monuments drawn in. Which was similar.

I collaged them with some gold tissue onto the page. Plus some turquoise oil pastel. (The pastel got onto the print press blanket, so that was a major boo boo which I shall never forget! Had it not been a good quality pastel it wouldn’t have done it, but who knew that?)

I believe that this piece has a little way to go – as it was I printed the page, cut it into a snake book, and then added some more print (like with painting, there’s an issue with going right to the edge. When i cut the book up it became very clear that i was using a matrix smaller than the page. So I put the whole book through (fortunately with a snake book it will lay flat after cutting).

The pages of the book are around 10cm square.













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