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Tiny Houses from Stamps revisited

Cindy Tonkin - November 14, 2017

Last night I spent a few hours sorting through ephemera I had collected. I delight in making order from chaos, and then coming across half-done things that I can complete.

This concertina is only 10cm across (and each fold about half a cm).

It’s the last (I think) of the tiny stamp-sized houses I cut on the laser cutter.

The stamps are stamp-sized, so you can see that each one is only about 1cm or so high.

I used the same template in different sizes to cut different things (see here, here, here and a few others no doubt).

Within the ephemera collection I still have a truckload of theatre, art gallery and a train tickets which made me cry (from my 2012 trip to France with my ex-husband). So I think I’ll have to make something from them just to honour the sadness (and build something new, right?).

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