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Wooden city

Cindy Tonkin - August 12, 2017

I’m really pleased with how the wooden houses in this piece have come out.
I have meant to get around to pulling them together, and my original idea was to make a jacob’s ladder, but in the past they haven’t worked out tight enough for me. And the fact is when I go to paint at willoughby I don’t always take all the things I needed (for a jacob’s ladder I needed some great ribbons, and all I had was paper).
So the two sets of wooden houses have become 2 concertinas which now live in a gear fit box remodelled.
My first intention with the back of the houses was to paint them in bright colours (my friend Ron Knott is visiting Ireland and put some delightful photos of Irish houses painted in bright colours on his facebook feed).
In the end I went with gouache, and I only have a few colours in gouache: but that turned out ok!
The final touch was the gold acrylic paint I discovered in my box (and remembered it was given to by my friend Bernard Appassamy after he’d experimented with different ways to treat greeting cards, and gold paint was one of them).

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