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Collages for Replay

Cindy Tonkin - May 5, 2018

Sydney Book Art Group and I have been working towards an exhibition at Chrissie Cotter Gallery in June 2018.

These collages have been been “maturing” over a few months: they started as something I did with the offcuts from the Postcard project. I did a few more being inspired by an abstract in the background of Suits.

I added some tissue paper layers, stamping layers, print gocco layers.

I love a piece to look good from afar and then reward with its complexity up close.

This week I have spent some hours with each one bringing it to fruition. It’s the hardest artistic work of all (layering is easy, I just go crazy and put things wherever the mood takes me: finishing off like this is hard, and rewarding).

You’ll see these pieces in some form at Re:play.

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