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Cornell-inspired box

Cindy Tonkin - September 7, 2009

I love Joseph Cornell’s work.
After my second trip to Chicago I made this box from a monopoly money-tray.


It’s covered in a map of Chicago, and contains things I mostly picked up from my Dad’s desk after he died.


The plastic seal is from when I was creating works for Coastal. I bought a packet of plastic star fish which also included seals and fish.

The button WTS 05 is from Walking the Street 2005 (a festival in Newtown where artists decorated  and put works in the windows of the local retailers. I participated a few times. Once at Mailboxes Etc (where I put pictures of Mailboxes) and once at Buzzz bar (where I did a work of coffee cups inspired by having breakfast at Buzzz).


The words on the beads are from “trying to leave the ground”. From Starlings in Winter a poem by Mary Oliver

The plastic chips and the dots with smiles on them are from a book of mind-developing games from Edward de Bono.

The watch was my dad’s.


The metal letter R, asterisk and question mark I bought when I was in a haberdashery in Chicago in 2008.

The golf club key ring membership tags were my dad’s.

The little wooden dolly I picked up on one of my walks through the back streets of Newtown. It’s from an old kid’s puzzle.


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