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Colour workshop

Cindy Tonkin - January 20, 2012

This one came from a colour workshop I did with Adrienne Crouch in 2012 (I think). This canvas caught the drips from other works i was doing on the easel, and then the kimono-clad woman just emerged from the shadows of the trees with her picnic blanket. I believe it’s better to let the painting do all the work for me, so I just tidied it up a little, and here it is.


These are the works from which the drips came.


the exercise we were given was to copy the composition and colours (although after a while it’s pretty much the work’s responsibility to tell you what to do with it).
These photos are a little shiny, sorry about that!
Of course I was copying Fred Williams


The piece below was also in the same series (same colours!).
it’s supposed to be portrait
it has a lot of splashes and drips (because i used a few layers of glazes on the other pictures). and there are some words in there too (this one is Bellbirds by Henry Kendall)


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