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Roof Book-derived concertinas

Cindy Tonkin - February 6, 2012

Once I altered this book I wanted to make it again but more easily.
I photographed it and straightened all the images on photoshop.
My biggest issue with the altered book was how cleanly the cuts were (not) made. I thought by printing on lighter paper it would be easier.
I discovered my accuracy isn’t that great no matter what. but this worked out quite nicely.
The front is the other book printed on a crappy Brother laser printer (so it’s all pastel, not the bright primaries of the original)
Backed with some Oscar Wilde Plays.
cut out a few  bits to have the light come through.


measures about 7 x 15cm.

this is a similar book, just from a limited colour range (these were red in the original!). I got more ambitious with the cut outs, just to see how far I could push it.
the answer is quite far!

That’s one of my french street pieces in the background.


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