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Collage Grids Jan 21

Cindy Tonkin - January 26, 2021

Back in October and November I did a heap of collages with old paintings and movie stills and other assorted magazines. See here, here, here and here.

My intention was to photograph them then discard them, but instead I am putting them on grids and hanging them. They will have a limited life because they will fade quickly, but then maybe it becomes a work to photograph their deterioration?

The grids are on packaging cardboard (from a sit/stand desk i bought a few months ago), wrapped with some shiny white paper I had on a roll (I think long enough ago that james bought it sometime – maybe for tables when i did an exhibition? maybe for client stuff?).

each collaged image I cut to size and backed with black A4 paper I was given years ago.

As with all of my grids the hardest part is the accuracy, but i made a jig for the 2nd lot of black grids and that helped me cut it better. i watched Sondheim’s Assassins on bootleg on youtube (for Musical Mayhem, the musical book group I am part of) while measuring, and then a heap of Schitt’s Creek, whose dialogue is lovely and zippy.

this video shows me sorting the originals into styles, and you’ll see a few groupings of pieces into sections. This will take a while, but it’s low thinking work while Sydney’s weather is so hot.

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