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Adelaide Fringe

Cindy Tonkin - March 13, 2023

So this isn’t art as such, but i’ve been having some fabulous experiences and I’d like to remember.

Since Thursday I’ve been at Adelaide Fringe (it’s Monday). And i was here 15 days ago for work. In that time I saw and experienced and heard and felt these phenomenal shows

  • Laser Kiwi – just a marvellous collage of circus, physical, sketch and improv all in one bundle. It had olives, sticks and martini glasses. it had “live” 3d action, it had balancing on a jenga tower
  • Mush by my friend Jero Detto – incredible ability to get the audience to play with and for him (that’s the le coq training I gather, because i’m seeing it again and again in other shows, but Jero is Jero).
  • Scotland – a silly romp with kilts and shooting deer and singing along to scottish favourites (a whole room, just singing along for no reason)
  • How long is a piece of string: where they answered the question (or not) in so many ways; highlight was a “when did you last feel connected” which had me in tears (and connected to everyone else
  • The Gods The Gods The Gods – by Wright and Grainger. I suspect we will hear from them again. Stood up for the whole show, becuase it was like a nightclub dance floor. We sang along (i love a sing), we wept to poetry, we heard tales of the gods and tales of love and loss. may even see it again
  • Paul McDermott plus one, which ws a cabaret of him with a guitar. As i have come to see as usual, he added more numbers in the street after the show was done – i know it well that performance high. he was cheeky, clever, insightful and of course beautifully tuneful

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