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Wrigley Field and more Bill

Cindy Tonkin - July 22, 2008

Here’s a picture of Wrigley Field seating chart. Still not sure of the effect of Cubs games on classes. One of the Americans suggested it was mostly about lack of parking, which doesn’t effect me at all.

Am in the bus on the way to an Armando show tonight at iO, so I may find out if indeed there was a night game. Apparently they have games at all times of the day.

From here on is more impro-tech no (stop reading if you’re not into it!).

Warm ups this afternoon: pass the clap, but the synchronised clap (both people clap); and at the same time synchronised words within a category (which once set up doesn’t change). With 15 of us we got 6 simultaneous patterns going. Lots of fun.

Then we all mirrored gestures of one person within the group. Then paired mirroring, morphing into speaking in one voice (in pairs).

Did some scene-painting (where players sketch out the room contents, then move on to play in the space they set up).

Finally we got a generic location, and created as many scenes as possible within that location without repeating characters or environment (so at school – lockers, principal’s office, classroom, gym, etc).

And now, for your edification, some more Bill-dom (Bill’s wisdom):

– you drink enough water, eventually you piss (in reference to building enough “real” scenes – eventually you’ll get the laugh)

– scenes don’t need saviours, they need disciples

– walk ons (should) heighten or clarify what’s going on

– the urge to walk on may be the urge to edit (bring it down)

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