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The Wieners Circle

Cindy Tonkin - July 23, 2008

Last night I saw some GOOD impro (at last).

It was an Armando. A monologist told a story from his life about bullying, politeness and being tough, in 4 or 5 parts.

The scenes were longer, the improvisors older, there were fewer audience-pleasing “tricks” (dance offs or “carry the fat guy round the stage” for example, which I’ve seen plenty of). It was a satisfying evening of story and theme. Loved it!

Weather is finally reasonable but not stupid. I managed to sleep ALL night and wake up reasonably comfortable. It’s the small things which count!

Impro today: we warmed up with the name and gesture game we played yesterday (Circle of Doom), and took it one step further to gesture without words (so you responded to the gesture which used to accompany your name). Then we shifted the pattern – the person one space to your left responded to your gesture. Only a short moment of mind-bending.

We then spent about an hour developing a Broadway style dance routine. Not sure why (memory, group rapport, maybe?). We developed the routine in 2 large groups, and then Bill got each group to adopt a persona and come in and challenge the other group to a dance off.

Next we developed scenes from sleeping. Both characters woke up, didn’t speak for a minute or so to establish relationship etc).

And finished with a freeze tag. Let’s see what the afternoon holds!

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