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Warm ups to use with caution

Cindy Tonkin - August 18, 2016

These are two politically incorrect warm ups.

1. I’m sorry, i didn’t know that was your dick
Mime warm up that also shows tension makes comedy.

Mime an everyday activity. Unexpectedly you realise that something you are holding is a dick.
the game is in the tension and in how you show your surprise. listen to when the laughs come.
taught to me, most correctly, by Pasi Ikonen from Sweden.

2.Two penises
apparently created by Katy Schutte. taught to me by the gorgeous Jennifer Jordan

the group chants
“two penises, two penises, what would you do with two penises”
then the individual says
“the first one i would (blah blah blah)
the second i would (dah dah dah)”

first and second lines rhyme.
keep going around the circle.

remember to think of your second rhyme first.
you could beastie boys style try to get your team to guess too if you like.

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