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Make graceful and lasting change


Cindy Tonkin - January 18, 2023

I found this image today, four ways to make “undramatic” plots.

It’s from the new york times and I’m sure you can find it if you want to know more.

The four undramatic plot structures are:

  • ignoring the monster
  • erroneous accusation
  • enigma solved
  • diminishing desire

So instead having these 4 ideas in mind for a scene is smart:

  • scary monsters in response to which we are changed
  • accusations stick for a long time, not just for 1 second… and of course they change who we are and how we behave (positively or negatively)
  • once we have a problem we work at it (and make it worse by accident), and it’s only solved when it’s solved, not because the heroine gives up
  • once the hero wants something they continue to want it until they get it. Even past dinner time.

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