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TJ and Dave

Cindy Tonkin - August 7, 2008

For those of you who know my art works, this photo is more like my normal stuff, not so much a photo of something as a pattern I found in the iron work in the street.

I had a nap and a cool shower tonight after class and began a quest for a new place to stay even if only for the last few days of my time in Chicago. Have sent off some enquiries to vacation rentals in the downtown area. They will have all the mod cons, including air con and no late night parties, and even a TV, which I haven’t much missed, seeing so many improv shows, but would be cool to keep me company besides my ipod.

The best decision I made before coming was to buy the EEE PC. It has been my lifeline – Skyping every day to James, doing my web mail, organising my photos. And at about 900g I could carry it every day if I wanted to. The keyboard is tiny, but it’s a minor thing.

TJ and Dave is tonight’s show. They came highly recommended. Everyone loves their work. It’s an 11pm Wednesday night show and it sells out days before, which means something I figure!.

Tracy Letz performed with them tonight. No idea who he is, but he was 50+. TJ and Dave were probably early 40s. TJ and Dave had a really good rapport, the relationships between the characters they played were all “joyous” to borrow from Jet.

Dave tended to play with his back to the audience, but that’s the only thing that didn’t work (and ends up being a small thing when the relationships are good). Both TJ and Dave did excellent object work.

It was a great show with effortless call backs. Clearly the audience were loyal, they laughed at things which had to be old jokes or gestures. The situations were just ordinary (a restaurant, a couple in the restaurant, the waitress and the other staff). It worked so beautifully (and clearly wasn’t to do with plot).

So, worth a nap to be awake enough to get through the show!!

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