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Tiny neighbourhood

Cindy Tonkin - March 4, 2017

After the painted kimonopoly took me so many hours, this one was a relief.

Whenever I had leftover washes from the kimonopoly piece I added some to this. I was really pleased with how the dark washes with a buttery medium showed a texture on it.

Then yesterday I added some oil pastel to the canvas of the kimonopoly piece, and i loved how the brighter colours showed up on the black canvas. And the window shapes came up beautifully on top of these already-set up house/apartment shapes.

I’m new to black canvas, and it’s been a different way of thinking. having done books for so long (due mostly to lack of space at home to work on them), i’m both getting used to using paint again and there’s the added difficulty of painting on black canvas. Loving the challenge!

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