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Tiny House 3

Cindy Tonkin - January 17, 2024

Ongoing adventure for getting the Cricut pattern right for the tiny house. see here for previous ones. Also while cutting from different kinds of interior pix, to see what works best.

Here’s attempt no 3. So far I’m learning this:

  • when it’s done I will easily replicate at multiple sizes, but i have to be patient
  • how to use Cricut features like Merge, Subtract (Merge needs to overlap to work, Subtract must overlap and the piece you want to stay has to be at the back).
  • break it into smaller bits. After number 3 I have made the roof and the base into separate documents. It may not be as pleasing, but I can merge them later (i just thought of that), and in the short term it allows me to adjust more easily
  • I can do anything on the Cricut if I’m patient enough. But am I having fun?

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