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The Last Post

Cindy Tonkin - August 19, 2008

Here as the last image from the US, LA International Airport (where the big jet engines roar!).

I have been disneyed within an inch of my life. Apart from the Tiki Tiki room for which nothing prepared me (singing flowers? So what), I loved it. Especially the Alice in Wonderland teacups, and oddly enough the carousel.

I think I got a little tired after so much improv, of not having to make it up myself (Disney is about dreams, and they fill in as many of the blanks in the imagination as they can).

It was great to be amongst the excitement, seeing tiny kids freaking out to meet Snow White or Ariel or Buzz Lightyear. I did go on the Buzz Lightyear ride twice (it involved target shooting with laser guns – who could resist?).

Also visited Disney’s California Adventure – an excuse to divide the park in two and get two admissions while continuing to market your DVDs and related merchandise.

It was a remarkable experience, I walked 18k steps yesterday and 14k today (6k is my normal). My feet are looking forward to a good rest. I did stop just before lunch for a stupidly expensive foot and shoulder massage in the beauty salon at the hotel, and it was worth it.

My plane leaves at 10:30 tonight, Monday. It’s 6pm now as I wait for the shuttle to the airport.

By 10am Wednesday I will be sleeping in my own bed!! Yaaaa hoooo!!!

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