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Talking Collage

Cindy Tonkin - November 13, 2021

The people with animal heads taking tea series continues. This time with the kinds of subtitles they had under images in the Girls Own Annual style of books I relished when I was a child.

These ones are called

The panda is Buckminster; the elephant is Rubinstein; and my sweet and my poppet are a Rembrandt painting repurposed.

“I could not possibly fit in one more iced vo-vo my sweet” – “Are you certain my poppet?”

Whenever Camilla scratched him behind the ears Rubinstein absolutely had to have a sorbet

Buckminster had not mentioned his juice fast to his friends

The fourth collage doesn’t have a title, it’s here so i have a record, but i wasn’t that excited about it.

The joy in these pieces is the silliness and the low-stakes nature of it. Sometimes i find myself agonising over whether to use a particularly prized piece of paper in case it doesn’t work out, and then I tell myself it’s ok, put it down anyway.

Rubinstein and Buckminster (who acquired those names in the making of the pieces) have hung around my collage piles for months, waiting for the ‘right’ time to use them.

Et voila, it’s done!

These are around A4 sized; i will be discarding the originals any moment now; the idea is that the digital version is the work – can be carried, stored and even re used without too much fuss.

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