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Cindy Tonkin - July 15, 2008

This afternoon was taken up by a series of scenes.

First, scenes where each scene was inspired by the one before. This was taken literally by some (a scene about bugs followed by a scene about bugs, or a line from a previous scene taken into the next one), and then more themically (a scene about bug catching with 2 people in a relationship, followed by a scene about 2 bugs in a relationship, or an entymologist and her girlfriend).

The fun really started when we got to tagging out one person in a scene but keeping the character from the previous scene. It meant a much faster pace, and was so clever; minds on the edge, really! it wasn’t a Laronde (La Ronde?) in that the characters stayed only as long as they were on stage (and evaporated later), but it was very satisfying both to watch and to play in.

spending a whole day improvising was divine. and i’ve got so many more to go!!

my class is 15 people, including 5 people from Brighton in England, and a few from Toronto, leaving I think about 3 Americans. 9 women, 6 men.

iO have given us a card to get in free to all of their impro shows (on the proviso that we stand if paying customers book the show out – a concept we could explore for some of the busier scriptless shows, maybe?).

If I were a little younger or stupider, maybe I’d go to the armando show tonight, but I need my beauty sleep – i was up around 6am this morning – which isnt bad considering the difference between here and home!

if you’re reading and you want to know more, please make a comment. i’m having a fine fine time!
ps the photo is of some impressive apartment blocks (beats the red brick and concrete stuff we built in the 60s and 70s!)

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