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Postcard Project: snakes and boxes

Cindy Tonkin - October 22, 2017

The Postcard project continues to fascinate me.

I’ve treated the backs of some cards with rubber stamps and ink. Doing them in batches, so each batch is different (and that’s cool).

I often have the problem that when i treat the backs of something the back looks better, and that seems somewhat the case here too.

Experimenting with form I took one of the snake books (with a particularly pleasing back) and made it into tiny boxes.

At the moment it’s held together with masking, but my plan is to use glue (i was thinking about using some mending tape, but then i realised glue was less fiddly: these squares are less than 1cm, so it’s a really fiddly thing to play with!

The back decoration is:

  • the original handwriting that was on the back
  • brown, mossy green and blaack ink, a numbers stamp with purple ink and a draft and urgent stamp with red ink
  • this particular card has a glossy back (probably china-coated) so the inks are pleasingly smudged.

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