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Postcard Project: Double split apple watch

Cindy Tonkin - October 18, 2017

My first thought for the Postcard project was to fill this apple watch box with double split concertina.

Not done yet, but here it is so far.

I have discovered that the European postcards (especially the older ones I got from the Piton family) go nicely together – the faded pinks and blues work well together.  The Australian cards don’t work well with them! The colours (and the light, as we know) are very different.

I have been joining the concertina with washi tape, the black with numbers looks good, but two impediments to that: 1. the Washi is old and it’s coming apart, and 2. I’m running out of the black (i have other colours, but they don’t look as good). At this point I plan to use some of that special Japanese repair tape. I bought some in San Francisco in 2015, and I have only used it rarely, so why not? I keep finding that my art supplies dry up with age anyway – may as well use it while they are young and healthy!

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