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New Cabinet of Curiosities

Cindy Tonkin - May 8, 2020

Years ago i did a whole series of paintings using assorted photographs and paint that was all about cabinets of curiosities.

I have created one in my lounge room now – a large coffee table given to me by a friend. it was originally a warm red indian-looking table with dark coloured knobs and drawers.

Over time i have painted it white (with ceiling paint, it was what i had). And I’ve been keeping “clutter” in there, things which appeal to me, knick knacks and old tools and etc.

Recently i found a photograph of an old armoire painted orange outside and navy inside, and it inspired me to paint inside my own cupboards, starting with this coffee table.

Here are the drawers themselves, which of course change every now and then – i think of what’s on top of the table as a “meditation” of what’s pretty this week, or what I’m trying to attract in my life.

There’s a giant wrench I inherited from Pat’s collection, it’s mostly there all the time, because it’s so large and heavy. The drawers are mini cabinets of things I’ve collected.

I did retire a few things I made which were living in the drawers: You’ll find them here.  

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