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More tiny library

Cindy Tonkin - May 2, 2015

This series of tiny concertinas goes into the tiny library.
Some of the pages were so pretty I had to photograph them alone. It’s the encaustic works I did in January – cropping allows such serendipity. Look at the beautiful pale blue / lilac in the base of the writing on this one!
Because the encaustic thickens the already good quality paper, it’s hard to join the concertinas, so they are all stitched with waxed thread.
Another beautiful page. Those fingers on the top right corner are exquisite! To be really clear, I didn’t make the fingers happen – they are an accident of shading and shaving and coloured ink and serendipity.

This single concertina actually is 4 concertinas joined. Each concertina is 1/4 inch shorter than the next (so that when they are on the shelf, the bottom lines up, but the tops get smaller and smaller.

Some of the blue encaustic looks a little like wedgewood. Yum.

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