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Middle age comeback and 3033

Cindy Tonkin - July 28, 2008

Now that was worth it!

I just saw the 1030 show on a Sunday night at iO theatre.

First a duo called middle-age comeback did a multiple-time machined mind explore where each of them played multiple characters (in fact they also played each character multiple times) going back in time to prevent petty misdemeanours. It was hilarious and challenging (to track where the plot was up to). It was 40 minutes long.

Then 3033 came on just after 11. Both Alex who taught my week 1 and Bill from week 2 are in 3033 (only Alex played tonight though). It was 3 guys. The director was teched, and was really the fourth player in the scene, making musical offers from an the box – in an acupuncture scene he brought in some twilight zone music, and we knew something bizarre had happened.

And after the story had sort of been told he put on Staying Alive, and the players strutted around the stage. When the music stopped they finished off shelved narrative threads we’d forgotten about. Which was delightful!

It was such a good thing to watch. That’s what it’s about!!

It’s just before midnight. Classes are back tomorrow, looking forward to it!

Photo, by the way is of swan shaped paddle boats at the Lincoln Park Zoo today.

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